November Loves

This is my first favorites post but I've been wanting to do one for quite some time! I hope you girls enjoy it. :)
A-ha Moment Nail Polish by OPI Sephora: Just your regular opaque white color, but it has become such a staple of mine!
Owl Ring: This is from a store called Tree of Life in Sydney, and I have been adoring owl jewelry and art lately. So, this has seriously been stuck to my finger. haha.
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline: I'm in the middle, and these are my two beautiful sisters. :) I usually go for a less defined look on a daily basis, but I have been liking my Blacktrack Fluidline from MAC these days. It stays put and doesn't smudge everywhere.
Honeylove MAC Lipstick: This lipstick has a matte finish, so it's a little drying for me but I love the color. It is so natural looking and flattering!
Naked Palette by Urban Decay: My other Urban Decay eyeshadows have a lot of fallout, as they are a lot glittery than I usually like. However, this palette is filled with mostly matte eyeshadows and eyeshadows with a shimmery sheen to them, not so much glitter and sparkle. In addition, I'm a huge fan of neutral colors, so this array of shades truly pleases me! haha. :)
Benefit Birthday Suit Creaseless Shadow/Liner: It doesn't crease at all during the day, and it's such a lovely champagne base or highlight color for my eyes.
NYLON Magazine: This was my first purchase of an issue, and I love its edginess and uniqueness. The fashion and makeup looks are also so inspirational and fun to look at. :)

What have you been loving this month? I would love to know!


  1. I've been lusting after the naked palette for months, but it's always sold out where i live! LOVE the owl ring, super cute!!!

  2. I looooove that owl ring and the nail polish! :)

    I'm loving pretty, pastel nail colours as well at the moment :)

  3. i LOVE the owl ring. i'm all over the owl stuff myself, but with christmas right around the corner i can't really afford to splurge as much as i'd like to. ugh.

    you and your sisters are beautiful.

  4. I know this is a delayed response as I stumbled upon your blog now. What I love about November is that it's my birthday month. :P

    I'm not a fan of owls but that little ring is adorable :)

  5. You have an award waiting for you on my blog :)


  6. I love favourites posts :) Your owl ring is adorable, and I love Nylon magazine! I'm definitely going to check out Honeylove lipstick... Mac is my all-time favourite. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hello there! I just came across your blog. So adorable. I'm now following ^^
    Love the nailpolish & the owl ring. Super cute!

  8. I love the Naked Palette, so worth the investment! Your blog is great! I subscribed.