Take It To The Streets

Hello there, beautiful people. :)

In my last post, I told you girls about my lovely little shopping trip to the streets of Adelaide, Australia. Well, I liked it so much that I decided to revisit that spot yesterday. I knew which stores I definitely wanted to go back to because I couldn't stop thinking about a few of the items I came across. You see, I wanted to pick them up before they were gone because I had a nightmare that they were all going to be sold out. haha, I'm only half joking. Anyway, here are some pictures for you!

Streets of Adelaide, take two. I wanted to take a picture in the same spot as my first day because it was such a great restaurant and shop. :)
Yummy candy

Here's a picture from my first adventure to the wonderful shopping spot. Yeah, I can be a real dork sometimes.

Okay, I'll leave you lovelies with just a little picture of some authentic fish and chips I was lucky enough to nosh on in Australia today, and one of my favorite pieces of jewelry from one of my trips to New York!

Talk to you all soon, and have a great day!


Street Shopping

Lately I've been wanting to buy everything. haha, it's really bad actually. If I see a nice dress in a magazine, spot my friend's new watch or simply just see something beautiful on youtube or all of your lovely blogs...I somehow convince myself that I NEED it. Not good at all. Anyway, instead of feeding into all of my expensive desires, I decided to go street shopping instead. So much more affordable and this way, I can seriously evaluate if I in fact, really need to splurge on all those pricey wish list items. haha.

Here is just a picture of me taking a break to eat during my street shopping adventure and a few of my great finds. Some of my finds weren't exactly budget friendly, but probably less costly than one would find at an established store...hopefully, haha.
Leopard stretchy headband
Pair of vintage earrings
Topaz sterling silver ring

Oh, and I picked up the much talked about 'Snob' lipstick from MAC. I love the beautiful barbie pink color and smooth consistency of the lipstick itself.

Until next time. :)


What I'm Wearing

Hey girls! Sorry it's been so long, but I was on break for a week and was lucky enough to venture out of Adelaide. Anyway, I just wanted to share with you what I wore out today to get some coffee and muffins with a friend. Who said you can't match brown with black? I've always been a fan. haha, enjoy!
Woven headband from Diva
Feather earrings from Sportsgirl
Lace top from Nordstrom
Nail polish from American Apparel

Have a beautiful day!


Brown-Eyed Blues

I love wearing any shade of blue, especially when I wear super girly hair accessories and lighter eyeshadow. I like that little bit of tomboy contrast. haha, lately my number of blue purchases has been getting a little out of hand though. I just got back to my apartment from a relaxing day of coffee and shopping with some friends, and you know how us girls like to empty out our bags just to admire the pretty things we bought? Well, all of the pretty things I bought today were turquoise. haha, ridiculous. Anyway, just thought I'd share with you a picture of my blueness:
Have a great day!


Living On A Half Life

I want to inspire and be inspired. The truth is, I've made mistakes, regretted and have been way too hard on myself for various reasons. I'm not perfect, and it has taken me a while to realize that this is okay. I have come to understand that as long as I try my best and remain true to myself, I have no reason to not be proud of who I am.

This doesn't mean I don't get down sometimes though because I most certainly do. Bad news and the feeling of helplessness contribute to sadness. Sorry I'm not in my usual good mood. I am human, and crappy days happen.

These are the times when I end up using photo booth to feel at home and freezing nature to ease my mind. The latter two nature shots let me know that I am not alone when I feel like I'm living on a half life.

Excuse the undone hair and lack of eye make-up

I hope you have a wonderful day :)


Dream, Love and Vintage [Rings]

Sportsgirl is a trendy clothing and accessory chain store in Australia with some seriously nice things. Some items are a little pricey but there are always great sales. I picked up the following three rings for myself, and a few things for my sisters. My little sister, Corrie's, birthday is coming up soon and I don't want her to see any of her presents, so I'll just upload what I bought myself. :) Those two girls will just have to wait.

'Dream' Pinky Ring and 'Love' Ring

Vintage Ring

These rings are sold for $7-$10 AU each. Such a great deal. :)


My Wish List

Just a few things I've been really wanting these days. Yes, I do argue that if I had all of these things, my life would be complete. haha, I'm kidding. Take a peak:

Urban Decay Naked Palette
My sister bought one for me and is sending it over soon, but I simply can't wait for it. Youtube, blogs, it's everywhere and everyone loves it. I heard it definitely lives up to the hype. Look at those colors, ahh!

Chanel J12 White Ceramic Watch
I'm thinking these white ceramic watches are just a fad, so I don't think I'll be willing to purchase this expensive Chanel one. But, it is the ultimate version. So stinkin' lovely.

Polaroid Camera
I would gladly waste my days away shooting with one of these.

Norfolk Terrier
Okay, I have four dogs back home: one Golden Retriever, one Shih Tzu and two German Shorthairs and I love them all. Wouldn't one of these fit right in? haha.

Nikon AF Micro Nikkor 60mm f/2.8D
I have a Nikon SLR and this lens would be wonderful to use on it. Made for macro (close-up) photography and portraiture, it would be a great addition to my other lenses!

Channing Tatum
Yes, dopey ears and all. Okay, maybe he isn't appropriate for a wish list but he is my handsome celebrity crush. :)

Style Icons

My style is so broad, and I love so many different looks. Fashion should be fun, expressive and should make you feel confident. I was such a tomboy growing up, in fact, I still dress pretty comfortably. To me, it's definitely more stylish than before though. haha.

Okay, let's get to it. Girly and casual by day, classy and edgy by night. That's why these beauties are my style icons!

Rachel Bilson
Like I said, I used to be such a tomboy. As in, I would walk around my intermediate school in the same sweats I woke up in...Oy vey! And, having two sisters, it was almost torture having to spend my vacation trips at malls. That is, until Rachel Bilson popped up on the scene. She has a lot of androgynous looks, but still maintains her sweet, girly image. I was hooked on fashion from then on. I love her loose, soft blouses and "I don't try too hard" take on style. Simply wonderful.

Sophia Bush
This girl is classy! I love reading magazine interviews featuring Sophia because she is so humble and thankful. Her outlook on body image is healthy and she is truly so easy to relate to.  That said, how about her flawless style? Her outfits are so simple, yet put together. Love it.

Mandy Moore
I know what you're thinking, she used to wear high plastic heels and smacked pink bubblegum in her music videos. Okay, so I don't admire her earlier pop princess looks, but Mandy's style has transformed over the years. She is usually seen in solid, toned down colors and in this case, less is more! Absolutely love her ensembles. Even her makeup is noteworthy.

Mandy and Sophia
Fashionistas travel in pairs, and these two can definitely dress it up!

The Kardashians
They may not fit the "casual by day" concept I mentioned earlier (I mean, are they ever casual?), but I am inspired by their polished evening looks. Their heels are always fabulous and their dresses are so flattering and trendy!

The Hills Girls
These California girls make a living through fashion. Need I say more? haha. Whitney and Lauren's girly, polished looks are always beautiful. As for Audrina, she has that rocker edge that I love to play on!

Maybe we share the same style? Maybe not, to each her own. :) Either way, I hope you have as much fun with fashion as I do!


Apartment In Australia And My Sister Is Coming!

I have officially settled in to my apartment here in Australia. From sharing a small bedroom with my little sister to dorm life, I have never had a place to myself until now. Although I have been in Australia for a while, only recently do I find myself really appreciating my privacy and personal freedom.

Comfortable in my own little kitchen

Also, I have some great news! My older sister, Kellie and her boyfriend, Scott are coming to visit me at the end of the semester! We plan on going to Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney because there is just so much to do there and it is such a popular city. Melbourne because we hear it is THE place for foodies and shoppers in Australia. Sounds like my dream vacation spot, haha.

My sisters and I are really close and Scott is such a great guy, so as you can tell, I am very excited for them to come! Kellie just finished graduate school in New York and has returned to Hawaii. But, while she was in the big city, I was able to visit her numerous times and we had so much fun.

My Wonderful Sister, Kellie

Central Park in New York

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day. :)

New York Jewelry

My older sister went to school in New York for three years, and I have always loved going over and visiting her. My favorite thing about New York is its variety of everything. From food to museums to beautiful fashion, this city is truly diverse. My favorite shopping area in this city is that of SoHo, and I just wanted to share with you all a few of my most worn pieces these days acquired from those trips:

Purchased from a street vendor.

Sobral Resin Art Ring
To see more of Brazilian designer, Sobral's jewelry, visit her website:
Each piece of jewelry is unique, as none of her items are mass produced. All very creative and colorful.

Vanilla Cupcakes, Chicken Sandwich And Victor Harbor

I have a major sweet tooth and truly feel so relaxed when I bake. I enjoy making cookies, cakes, banana bread, everything and anything. I have more cookbooks than space for them, as throughout the years, family and friends have given them to me as Christmas or birthday presents. Each time I bake when I'm back home, I share it with my loved ones, as I will with you all.

I love chocolate, so I decorated the finished products with chocolate candy pieces. Yummy!

Of course I post dessert first, but here are a few other shots I took of delicious food and beautiful scenery. Enjoy...

Chicken Pesto Sandwich
Victor Harbor
Beautiful spot in South Australia.

Have a gorgeous day!


American Apparel Nail Polish

So, typical me, I went shopping in Australia and purchased American Apparel accessories. I must say though, their nail polish quality and colors are absolutely lovely.

Here are my favorite ones out of the bunch:

L'Esprit, Dynasty, Peacock, Factory Grey

Happy painting!

What My Blog Is All About

In this post, I'll just let you all know a little about myself and what my blog is going to be about. I grew up in the beautiful state of Hawaii with a loving group of family and friends. I have been blessed with supporting, hard-working parents and two wonderful sisters. Upon graduating from high school, I decided to go to college in Denver, as I love skiing and the great education opportunities Colorado has to offer. I am currently in my third year of undergraduate school, majoring in Accounting, and studying abroad in Adelaide, Australia.

I have been in Australia for the past month and a half and have experienced more than I could have ever imagined. Some may call the following a quarter life crisis, but at the ripe age of twenty, I recently feel like my life is passing me by. I don't take enough pictures to capture my memories, and geeze...I can't even remember what I ate for breakfast yesterday. All that said, I decided to start blogging because it is a great way to document my life and stay motivated. Also, my super interesting accounting program at my university isn't exactly a gateway to stay in touch with my creative side.

In this blog, I will post pictures and talk about almost every aspect of my life. I love photography but I have not been using that expensive, complicated SLR high school graduation present enough in recent times. I am looking to change that here and now, and what better place than in Australia, right?

I am a huge fan of fashion and beauty products, as well as amazingly good food, so I will write about these topics a lot. I'm not sure if anyone will even read this, but it's more of a tool for myself than anything else.

Here are just a few pictures of my time so far in Australia:
How cute is this kangaroo?
More to come soon!