Fashion Steals

No, I didn't steal anything. haha, but I certainly felt like I did last night. I got to go to the shopping mall for the first time in weeks yesterday, and I found some seriously great deals. I have been trying to save up for a trip that I'm taking in about three weeks. For those of you who may not know, my sister and her boyfriend are coming from Hawaii to Australia, and we're going to meet up in Sydney! A week full of shopping, eating and enjoying each other's company. I seriously can't wait.

But anyway, back to my shopping mall visit last evening. I thought with all of the school work I've been keeping myself busy with lately, it would be a great stress reliever to spend money on things I really don't need one last time before I jet. haha. I bought a few tops, a romper and accessories. Mostly summer things for this warm weather that's coming my way, and below is a picture of my favorite find! It wasn't exactly price friendly, and now I'm rethinking the title of this post, but it is my most loved of the bunch. :)

It's from Myer, a nationwide department store that greatly resembles Nordstrom, and the brand is Tokito. I love tops that are cinched at the waist, because it always gives me more shape. :) Sorry for the bad quality photo, I took it in the dressing room, and my obnoxious flash went off. Ugh. After that, I shoved my camera in my bag. haha. This point and shoot camera is more convenient to carry around on shopping trips, but I love fidgeting with my SLR. Oh, and you can't see past my hips because well...I wasn't exactly wearing shorts. haha, sorry about that too. =/

I'm sure this top and my "steals" will be in posts soon because I can't wait to wear them! haha. Have you found any great deals lately with the transition of seasons?