Dream, Love and Vintage [Rings]

Sportsgirl is a trendy clothing and accessory chain store in Australia with some seriously nice things. Some items are a little pricey but there are always great sales. I picked up the following three rings for myself, and a few things for my sisters. My little sister, Corrie's, birthday is coming up soon and I don't want her to see any of her presents, so I'll just upload what I bought myself. :) Those two girls will just have to wait.

'Dream' Pinky Ring and 'Love' Ring

Vintage Ring

These rings are sold for $7-$10 AU each. Such a great deal. :)


  1. hey erin, I just wanted to say I hope you're enjoying your time here in Australia! I came across your blog randomly and was so shocked that we bought the same pink vintage ring lol so i had to join haha!
    anyways. u must do a review of the urban decay naked pallete when u finally get it! I've been wanting it for ages but couldnt decided whether it was worth buying :)

  2. Hey Sasha,
    The ring looks so cute on, right? haha, and Australia is amazing! Everyone is so nice and friendly :) Do you have any favorite stores in this country? I would love to check them out, especially when my sister comes to visit.
    I'll definitely post about the Naked Palette, can't wait to use it. haha.

  3. well it depends where you are i think, like im in melb and some of the stores I like are probably not chain...but green with envy is amazing, and im pretty sure they have a couple of stores around australia...they stock a lot of beautiful australian and international designer clothes, you should check them out.
    im also currently obsessed with zimmerman! amazing swimwear!!!
    otherwise im pretty sure you may have already learnt that mecca cosmetica is sort of the australian version of sephora, so if ur running around wondering where ur nearest sephora counter is at a department store, check out mecca :D

  4. Oh my gosh, so helpful! I'm in Adelaide right now for school and there are some cute stores here. But, at the end of the semester I'm going to Sydney and Melbourne when my sister visits. I heard Melbourne is known for their shopping and food. So excited to go there! I will definitely look up those stores. Thanks so much :)

  5. I love love love vintage, I could shop all day in a vintage store! I loooove the rings, I want them :)

  6. I have an entry about vintage finds too! I like your rings. I purchased mine in the Philippines and it cost me $1 per ring. I've got quite a few.

    Nice post! :D

  7. I will definitely check it out! That sounds like such an awesome deal :)