Apartment In Australia And My Sister Is Coming!

I have officially settled in to my apartment here in Australia. From sharing a small bedroom with my little sister to dorm life, I have never had a place to myself until now. Although I have been in Australia for a while, only recently do I find myself really appreciating my privacy and personal freedom.

Comfortable in my own little kitchen

Also, I have some great news! My older sister, Kellie and her boyfriend, Scott are coming to visit me at the end of the semester! We plan on going to Sydney and Melbourne. Sydney because there is just so much to do there and it is such a popular city. Melbourne because we hear it is THE place for foodies and shoppers in Australia. Sounds like my dream vacation spot, haha.

My sisters and I are really close and Scott is such a great guy, so as you can tell, I am very excited for them to come! Kellie just finished graduate school in New York and has returned to Hawaii. But, while she was in the big city, I was able to visit her numerous times and we had so much fun.

My Wonderful Sister, Kellie

Central Park in New York

Thanks for stopping by! Have a great day. :)

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