Style Icons

My style is so broad, and I love so many different looks. Fashion should be fun, expressive and should make you feel confident. I was such a tomboy growing up, in fact, I still dress pretty comfortably. To me, it's definitely more stylish than before though. haha.

Okay, let's get to it. Girly and casual by day, classy and edgy by night. That's why these beauties are my style icons!

Rachel Bilson
Like I said, I used to be such a tomboy. As in, I would walk around my intermediate school in the same sweats I woke up in...Oy vey! And, having two sisters, it was almost torture having to spend my vacation trips at malls. That is, until Rachel Bilson popped up on the scene. She has a lot of androgynous looks, but still maintains her sweet, girly image. I was hooked on fashion from then on. I love her loose, soft blouses and "I don't try too hard" take on style. Simply wonderful.

Sophia Bush
This girl is classy! I love reading magazine interviews featuring Sophia because she is so humble and thankful. Her outlook on body image is healthy and she is truly so easy to relate to.  That said, how about her flawless style? Her outfits are so simple, yet put together. Love it.

Mandy Moore
I know what you're thinking, she used to wear high plastic heels and smacked pink bubblegum in her music videos. Okay, so I don't admire her earlier pop princess looks, but Mandy's style has transformed over the years. She is usually seen in solid, toned down colors and in this case, less is more! Absolutely love her ensembles. Even her makeup is noteworthy.

Mandy and Sophia
Fashionistas travel in pairs, and these two can definitely dress it up!

The Kardashians
They may not fit the "casual by day" concept I mentioned earlier (I mean, are they ever casual?), but I am inspired by their polished evening looks. Their heels are always fabulous and their dresses are so flattering and trendy!

The Hills Girls
These California girls make a living through fashion. Need I say more? haha. Whitney and Lauren's girly, polished looks are always beautiful. As for Audrina, she has that rocker edge that I love to play on!

Maybe we share the same style? Maybe not, to each her own. :) Either way, I hope you have as much fun with fashion as I do!


  1. I actually like these girls except for the ones on The Hills. :)) They are too superficial.

    Anyhoo, have you seen the clothing line of Mandy Moore? The first time I saw Rachel on The OC, I knew that I already liked her! Her paparazzi photos turn out really well and her sense of style is eclectic! :)

  2. haha, I think a lot of girls feel that way about The Hills ladies. But, I like their style. Probably because I grew up where it's always warm and there weren't a lot of opportunities to wear pretty scarves and things. I looked to them for sunny inspiration. :)

    But, yeah! I saw Mandy Moore's line when it was first launched in 2005. I thought it was okay. I think she was trying to be more budget conscious of women, which is nice. I heard she's trying to revamp it, though. So, I'll have to take another look!